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United Airlines Changes Boarding Process

United Airlines is changing the way they board planes. This new process will supposedly reduce boarding time by 20%.

Coined “WilMA,” this boarding process replaces the former system of assigning economy customers to groups based on row numbers. With WilMA, economy groups three, four, and five are seated in order of window, middle, and aisle, respectively, when boarding aircraft.

WilMA Boarding Process is as follows:

  • Group 1 – Global Services, Permier 1K, Premier Platinum, and all Front Cabins
  • Group 2 – Premier Gold, Star Gold, Premier Alliance Silver, Star Alliance Silver, Paid Premier Access, Chase Club Card and Chase Presidential Plus Card holders
  • Group 3 – Economy Plus and Economy window seats
  • Group 4 – Economy middle seats
  • Group 5 – Economy aisle seats

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