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The bachelor - travel manager

Now on for more than 20 seasons, The Bachelor has become a sweeping television phenomenon. The shows premise is one of reality tv, drama, and ridiculous courtship. One eligible bachelor who is searching for love dates 25 women before deciding who he loves and would like to marry.  Watching the new season, I can’t help but draw similarities to the travel industry. As travel managers search for new travel management options, they often pursue a few different companies. Like The Bachelor, they meet and ‘court’ these bachelorettes, the travel management companies. Based on similar interests, personalities, or values, the travel manager selects one company to provide their travel management services.

Travel managers – the bachelors of travel management

So who wins the relationship proposal in the end?  There’s a lot of choices, but I’ve found that the contestants often fall into three categories:

  • The flashy big-city contestant: big, bold, and less flexible to change.
  • The down-to-earth contestant: well-rounded and everyone’s favorite.
  • The oddly-interesting contestant: quirky, inconsistent, and risky.

Sometimes the pursuit of flash or risk makes for an entertaining episode, but it is often the pursuit of the well-rounded “bachelorette” that ends up resulting in a lasting marriage! Travel management companies fall into similar categories. Each brings different characteristics and benefits to the table, and usually, the company most in-line with the company’s needs will win the bid.  However, in the end, it’s up to the travel manager to award the ‘final rose’.

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