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Is My Layover Long Enough? — Airline Connection Time Requirements

Departures-and-Arrivals-BoardAirlines have a required allotted time for connecting flights–the minimum being 30 minutes. But not all connections are created equal. When an airline determines how long a connection should be, they don’t account for the little mishaps that can sometimes become barriers for you.

You can’t always get off the plane as fast as you think you might, and it’s often not your fault. Have you ever tried to read the departures/arrivals board in a hurry? It’s not easy. Could you even imagine having only thirty minutes between flights when traveling internationally?

A recent article from, “International flight minimum connecting times,” gives insightful information on how to avoid stress when booking a flight that has connections. It also provides some minimum connecting times that you might want to consult before you book your next international ticket. Ultimately, you might consider contacting an experienced travel agent to book your flights if you’re concerned that the connecting time won’t be adequate.

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