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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep While Business Traveling

The reality of business travel seems to always involve getting to bed too late (after a huge dinner) and then trying to respond to a day’s worth of missed emails in a hotel room. This often results in a restless night’s sleep (sometimes in a different time zone) and several cups of coffee in the morning to help prepare for the day ahead.

Such a “routine” can leave you feeling drained by mid-afternoon and down-right exhausted by the time you return to the comforts of your own home. But instead of repeating the vicious cycle of restlessness when traveling and then binge sleeping at home, why not try to get a better night’s sleep on the road?

In a recent Conde Naste Traveler article, Rebecca Robbins, a sleep researcher and the author of Sleep for Success, provides some helpful tips on how to get more rest on the road.

Click here and you just may be on your way to a better business travel sleep.


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