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Delta to Expand Use of Portable Electronic Devices Below 10,000 Feet on International Flights

135617547As of the first of this month, Delta Airlines is allowing customers flying outside of U.S. airspace to continue using their portable electronic devices below 10,000 feet on International flights. The expanded customer use of portable electronic devices on international flights compliments Delta’s position to not allow the use of cell phones for voice calls while allowing silent transmissions that don’t interfere with customer comfort.

Delta was the first U.S. carrier to submit plans with the Federal Aviation Administration to allow domestic customers continued use of portable electronic devices while in airplane mode from gate to gate. The carrier conducted tolerance testing in 2013 of over 1,250 aircraft to ensure the safe operations of passenger portable electronic devices during all phases of flights which allows customers to use e-readers, tablets and smart phones, all in airport mode, during taxi, takeoff and landing on flights.

Delta’s efforts continue to lead the airline industry in innovation, customer service and comfort.

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