Tips For When Your Teenager Goes Traveling To Europe

My nephew left this weekend for a student adventure trip to Europe. His parents had concerns about a number of items and a big one was the loss of his passport. Being the “family” appointed travel person, I did some research and found valuable information to reassure my sister of getting him back home safe and sound. As for the passport concerns, I found a link with instructions and suggestions should he lose his documents or have them lifted.

Knowing that my nephew is not as concerned about communicating with those back home as my sister is about communicating with him, I suggested she contact her wireless service to find what inexpensive ways there are to stay in touch. For a few dollars extra, she found they make texting and picture-taking available, which is perfect for him. Of course, he will make it home with no problems but all this gives someone dear to me peace of mind until he does.

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