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Aircraft Boarding By Biometrics – Fingerprint Authentication?

biometricauthenticationAlaska Airlines and Clear, a biometric secure identity company, are piloting a biometrics check-in program that allows a machine to scan passenger fingerprints when checking-in bags, going through airport security, and boarding planes. Biometrics is the science of measuring and analyzing human body characteristics such as fingerprints, eye retina/iris and other facial characteristics. The pilot program is being tested with a limited number of passengers at California’s Mineta San Jose Airport.

The ultimate goal is to move passengers through airports more quickly and to expedite the boarding process. Getting your fingerprint scanned is a familiar experience many international travelers are already accustomed to. Some European carriers are already using the system, replacing the need for passengers to present other forms of ID.

Could this be the future of airline check-in and aircraft boarding? To view the complete Alaska Airlines article, click here.