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6 Business Travel Irritations and Pet Peeves

dislikeI don’t know about you, but it seems that each time I leave the comforts of home and venture out on a business trip, I encounter at least one item from my list of “business travel pet peeves.” Perhaps I should lower my expectations. What do you think?

Here are six business travel irritations that top my list:

Travel Irritation #1 – People in the TSA Pre?™ line who take their laptop and liquids out of their bag and remove their shoes and jackets before proceeding through security. Don’t they know this is the beauty of TSA Pre?™ and Global Entry?

Travel Irritation #2 – Travelers whose carry-on luggage is clearly larger than the published dimensions and then insist on trying to stuff them into the overhead bin causing a back-up and delay in boarding.

Travel Irritation #3 – A dirty rental car.  A dirty exterior doesn’t bother me, but someone else’s dirt on the inside is unacceptable.

Travel Irritation #4 – Getting the “lost satellite” message on my phone when trying to use GPS from the airport to the hotel.

Travel Irritation #5 – When it comes to hotels, my list may be a little long: Parking fees that add up to more than your stay, keys that don’t open the door, thermostats that don’t allow me to adjust the temperature or have so many buttons you need an owner’s manual, print on the shampoo and conditioner bottles that is so small it requires my reading glasses, radios and remotes that are as complicated as the thermostat, shower heads positioned for someone 7 feet tall, curtains that don’t close all the way, exterior room doors that let light in at the bottom, power outlets behind the bed, behind the night stand or under the desk. When will they ever get it all right?

Travel Irritation #6 – When I realize I forgot obvious things from my detailed packing list such as chargers for my electronics, sunglasses, reading glasses (for the shower, of course), or wet wipes to clean the interior of the car and the TV remote.

Perhaps Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said it best: ‘There’s no place like home.”

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