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3 Important Aspects of Corporate Travel Management

Discover the vital aspects of corporate travel management and how Christopherson can streamline your organization's business travel processes to achieve greater efficiency.
May 10, 2024
3 Important Aspects of Corporate Travel Management

In today's fast-paced world, companies must navigate the complexities of business travel to maximize their potential. As a leading corporate travel management agency, Christopherson knows firsthand the critical role that effective travel management plays in the success of a business. In this blog post, we explore the most vital aspects of corporate travel management and how Christopherson can help your organization streamline its travel processes and achieve greater efficiency.

What Does a Corporate Travel Manager Do?

A corporate travel manager plays a crucial role in all aspects of travel for an organization. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, ensuring your employees can travel seamlessly and efficiently for business purposes. The following helpful services often fall within the purview of a corporate travel manager:

Develop Travel Policies

The travel manager crafts comprehensive travel policies that align with the organization's goals and objectives. These policies outline guidelines for booking, reimbursement, and travel procedure compliance.

Negotiate Contracts

They negotiate and maintain contracts with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and travel agencies. This involves securing the best rates, ensuring preferred vendor agreements, and handling contract renewals.

Manage Travel Bookings

Travel managers oversee all travel bookings, including flights, hotels, and ground transportation. They coordinate with travel agencies or online booking tools to ensure smooth reservations and make adjustments when necessary.

Maintain Travel Records

The travel manager must maintain accurate travel records, including itineraries, expenses, and invoices. This facilitates reporting, auditing, and analyzing travel data to identify trends and optimize travel operations.

Provide Travel Support

They serve as a point of contact for employees during their travels, offering assistance with travel issues, itinerary changes, or urgent matters that arise while traveling.

What Are the Most Important Aspects of Corporate Travel Management?

1. State-of-the-Art Technology

Empower your businesses with the technology to optimize its travel management processes and improve your bottom line. Christopherson invests in state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients with the most advanced tools and solutions for business travel management. The foundation of all our digital tools is AirPortal, an integrated software platform that delivers secure, real-time visibility into an organization's entire business travel program. AirPortal is provided free to Christopherson customers, allowing corporate travel managers to fully utilize the entire suite of AirPortal's intelligent tools to reduce costs, simplify work, and better serve their travelers. Powerful data, analytics, tracking, and risk management gives you all the information you need to move forward in a meaningful way. And travelers have the option to book with our travel advisors or through one of our user-friendly online booking tools.

2. Experienced Travel Agents

While technology plays a pivotal role in corporate travel management, the human touch remains invaluable. As an experienced travel agency, Christopherson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our travel agents go beyond simple booking. We provide personalized service, proactively identifying potential issues and offering tailored solutions to meet our clients' unique needs. From securing last-minute flight changes to arranging complex itineraries, our travel agents always stay ready to assist you. Even outside typical travel agency hours, we ensure smooth and stress-free travel experiences for your employees.

3. Trustworthy Travel Management

When choosing a corporate travel management agency, trust is a must. Christopherson has built a reputation for reliability and integrity over our 70 years of industry experience. We understand the importance of maintaining strong relationships with airlines, hotels, and other travel partners to negotiate the best rates and ensure priority treatment for our clients. Our commitment to transparency means that you can trust us to provide accurate and detailed reporting, giving you complete visibility into your travel expenses and helping you identify areas for cost optimization. With Christopherson as your trusted travel management partner, you can focus on your core business while we handle all your travel needs.

Christopherson Is Here to Help

As a leading corporate travel management agency, Christopherson offers comprehensive services to help businesses optimize their travel management processes. We provide the most effective solutions for streamlining travel operations and maximizing cost savings.

We can help you design and implement business travel policies. Our team of experts works closely with your organization to understand your objectives, travel patterns, and budgetary constraints. We then develop a customized travel policy that aligns with your business goals while ensuring compliance and cost control. By establishing clear guidelines and procedures, we help streamline the booking process, minimize travel expenses, and enhance the overall travel experience for your employees.

Our experienced travel agents go beyond simple booking and provide personalized support throughout the travel process. From assisting with complex itineraries to rebooking flights due to unforeseen circumstances, our travel agents ensure that your employees have a smooth and stress-free travel experience. Their expertise and industry knowledge allow them to navigate travel-related challenges and provide innovative solutions to save you valuable time and resources.

We also offer comprehensive risk management solutions to prioritize the safety and well-being of your employees. Our traveler tracking system keeps tabs on travelers' whereabouts, ensuring you can reach them quickly in emergencies. We also provide 24/7 emergency assistance services. You can rest assured that your employees have the support they need worldwide.

At Christopherson, exceptional 24/7 service goes hand in hand with technology. Our team of experts stays current with the latest industry innovations and trends so that we provide our clients with the best solutions. From managing unused tickets to leveraging data analytics for cost optimization, our state-of-the-art technology delivers tangible results.

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Corporate travel management is about more than just booking flights and hotels. It is a strategic function that requires the right mix of technology, experienced travel agents, and a trustworthy partner. Christopherson checks all these boxes and more.

Trust Christopherson to deliver exceptional service and results when optimizing your business travel management. Schedule a demo today and experience the difference of partnering with the leading corporate travel management company.

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