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The Corporate Travel Software Travel Managers Need

Managing corporate travel can be complex. Travel managers need solutions that actually make their job easier, not more complicated. Corporate travel software is key to making that a reality. When innovative digital solutions are seamlessly woven into a corporate travel program, travel managers can more successfully manage the daily details and data that inundate business travel. They’re able to better manage costs, decrease spend, and ultimately work more efficiently. They’re also able to provide a frictionless travel experience to their travelers.
August 26, 2022
The Corporate Travel Software Travel Managers Need

Christopherson’s Corporate Travel Software Solution

Developing corporate travel technology to meet the evolving needs of travel managers is one way Christopherson Business Travel leads the business travel industry. The foundation of all our digital tools is AirPortal, an integrated software platform that delivers secure, real-time visibility into an organization’s entire business travel program.

AirPortal is provided to Christopherson customers at no cost, allowing corporate travel managers to fully utilize the entire suite of AirPortal’s intelligent tools. These tools help them:

This is because AirPortal’s powerful collection of corporate travel management tools provides specific solutions to a wide array of travel program challenges while generating cost savings.

Another valuable feature of AirPortal is that it directly maps to the structure of individual organizations. This means travel managers can oversee travel for their entire company, or that responsibility can be distributed accordingly based on the business structure. It also means you have the ability to manage and report company-wide travel spend or by department or division.

“Clients who use the full range of AirPortal’s tools have a better understanding of their organization’s travel program, including traveler safety and security, spend, and unused tickets. This level of visibility provides peace of mind, convenience, and savings.”

-Adelina Littler, Manager – Implementation & Account Support

Dashboards for Travel Managers & Travelers

To meet the specific needs of users, AirPortal provides customized dashboards for travel managers and travelers:

  • AirPortal 360 – travel manager dashboard and app that deliver a 360° view of entire travel program + the tools to manage it
  • My Travel – traveler dashboard that delivers the tools and booking options to manage individual travel

With one login, users can access their intelligent dashboard through which any combination of Christopherson’s technology tools are provided. For instance, with AirPortal 360, travel managers have all the tools, data, and reporting they need to manage travel spend, traveler safety, unused tickets, travel policy, traveler profiles, and more. With My Travel, business travelers have instant access to booking options, itineraries, mobile syncing, and more.

Simply put, AirPortal opens the door to valuable corporate travel software, essential benchmarking and reporting tools, online booking tools, and mobile applications.

Must-Have Corporate Travel Software Features

AirPortal provides access to a suite of customized tools for both travel managers and travelers. Those tools allow you to:

  • Access comprehensive reporting
  • Manage unused airline tickets
  • Manage traveler safety
  • Integrate traveler profiles
  • Integrate travel policies & vendor programs
  • Digitize trip approvals
  • Visualize data

AirPortal’s advanced technology also provides the following additional benefits:

Compliant Travel Booking

AirPortal has your travel vendor contracts, approval system, and travel policy built in. This allows all travel bookings to filter into custom reports and align with your managed travel program.

Actionable Intelligence

My Action Items, a standard feature on both dashboards, acts as a digital administrative assistant that transforms business data into actionable intelligence so you always know what business travel tasks need to be done next.

Mobile Access

AirPortal 360 Mobile is the first and only comprehensive mobile app that allows travel managers the ability to manage their entire travel program from a mobile device.

Industry Integrations

AirPortal integrates seamlessly with other industry-leading technologies, opening the door for smarter digital business processes and practices.

To learn more about how AirPortal can help you manage a seamlessly integrated, cost-saving travel program, visit our Technology page.

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