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Top Business Travel Trends in the Airline Industry

Much has changed about the travel industry in the past several years. Though travel demand has steadily increased post-COVID, the industry is still recovering. Long lines, travel delays, and chaotic traveling are all-too-common symptoms of our changing travel times. Fortunately, technology has streamlined the way we travel. With the help of many of these new travel trends, employees can steadily rely on travel again and get back to traveling confidently. Here are just a few current business travel trends in the airline industry that are making an impact.
October 24, 2023
Business Travel Trends in the Airline Industry

Artificial intelligence is leading the way.

Like many other industries, the airline industry is getting a much-needed boost from artificial intelligence. Not only are airlines using artificial intelligence to create chatbots to assist travelers with their needs, but airlines are also implementing ways to change how people book their travel. With AI’s help, booking platforms offer personalized search results, suggested ancillaries, and relevant fare bundles catered towards specific industries. Implementing artificial intelligence has improved many aspects of the airline industry, from managing fuel use to controlling ticket pricing.

Increased automation to streamline processes

In addition to artificial intelligence, increased automation is changing how people travel. Airlines understand that business travelers need improved processes, and they’re doing their best to streamline operations. Travelers are seeing advancements across the board, including safety enhancements and efficiency in reducing costs. Automated check-in systems, flight management systems, and baggage handling systems have all improved from implemented technology, leading to faster processing times. Though improved automation has resulted in the need for less manual labor and workers, the improved processes have likely helped the airlines save money.

Group business travel is becoming more popular

As more companies turn to remote work, they are looking for ways for their teams to spend time together. This has led to a growth in global business travel for many companies. Many see this as a necessary component of business operations; not only does it help coworkers set goals, but it keeps the company culture strong. Companies that require in-person collaboration are focused on planning company retreats that allow their team to work, collaborate, and relax together.

Airlines continue to focus on sustainability

The trade association for the world’s airlines, also known as IATA, has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. As consumers become increasingly aware of their global footprint, they seek out airlines striving to become more sustainable. Airlines are responding by improving the efficiency of their engines and using more sustainable fuel. Substantial efforts are also being made to reduce the amount of waste the airlines produce by reducing the amount of single-use plastic. For example, some airlines offer passengers the option of using metal cutlery, while others have pledged to eliminate single-use materials entirely. Improved sustainability is leading the way as one of the world’s increased global business travel trends.

Corporate travel is changing

The pandemic and inflation have changed the way that many companies do business travel. While air restrictions and inflation have changed travel rates, companies are attempting to return to corporate travel programs. With economic uncertainty tightening corporate travel budgets, airlines will continue to offer flexibility for passengers and corporations. In the past, airlines were strict with cancellation policies to provide customers with the best possible service. Instead, they’re focusing on offering flexible cancellations and reduced fees for those needing to change their schedules due to business commitments or meetings.

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