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How to Maximize the Value of Your Travel Management Partnership

September 22, 2023
How to Maximize Your Travel Management Partnership

5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Travel Management Partnership

The demand for today’s corporate travel management partnerships is unique–not only do they manage traditional booking transactions, but they’re also expected to provide value while offering strategic travel services. These services go beyond the basics, often including supplier negotiations, traveler safety and well-being, data security, sustainability, and booking optimization.

Many companies often wonder how to maximize their travel management partnership to get the most bang for their buck. In this blog post, we’ll discuss several ways in which you can increase the potential of your partnership.

  1. Establish Clear Goals and Direction
    Every company has different expectations, and the best way to get your travel management program to help you is to discuss your specific goals. One of the most common goals of a travel program is to reduce the cost of corporate travel while providing excellent customer service. When you have a discussion with your travel management partner, ensure that you include all travel management objectives to help you reach your specific goals.
  2. Keep on Learning
    Take the opportunity to learn as much as possible from your travel management company–after all, they’re the experts! Utilize all the education and materials they can offer, especially those that suit your needs and channels. Many travel management companies provide product training videos, online content, in-person training, and webinars to ensure their clients learn as much as possible.
  3. Coordinate with the Company’s Culture
    Perhaps one of the most underrated ways to utilize your travel management partnership is to find a travel program that aligns with your company’s values and culture. Not only will a shared culture improve communication, but it will also establish trust and lead to better service.
  4. Utilize Automation and Technology Tools
    Many travel management companies offer high-tech automation and travel management tools, such as travel management software, that make your travel plans a breeze. To make the most of their services, learn as much as possible about their technology and services. You’ll want to utilize their technology to elevate the autonomy, efficiency, and accessibility of your team. Your travel management company most likely has online booking tools that streamline your company’s booking process, which helps you save time and money. Business travel management apps allow easy support for travelers and itinerary management while on business trips.
  5. Track and Study Data
    As a business, you’re already familiar with tracking data. So why not analyze your travel data? Monitoring and studying your travel data will improve the value of your travel program. It can also help your company to make better travel decisions. Your travel management company can provide easy-to-read graphs and charts, which gives you the option of making tracking easier than ever.

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