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Committed to Your Success

The key to successful corporate travel program management is partnership. Our Account Managers work with you to understand your organization’s unique needs, implement proven strategies to meet your goals, and deliver results.

Travel Program Managers from Christopherson partnership with Clients
Corporate Travel Agents delivering Business Travel Services


Unlock Your Corporate Travel Program’s Potential

“Partnership” isn’t just lip-service. Through quarterly reviews, vendor negotiations, consultative support, and proactive service, our Account Managers provide corporate travel services that help you:

  • Simplify your work
  • Manage your risk
  • Reduce your costs
  • Serve your travelers


What We Can Do For You

To help our clients rise to positions of strength, our business travel management services include the tools, technology, and personalized support needed to move forward and upward.

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Technology & Reporting

With AirPortal you get the tools and reporting options you need to conveniently manage your entire corporate travel program.

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Value & Savings

We help you save by integrating your travel policy and vendor programs without compromising service for your travelers.

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Consultative Service

Through our consultative, personalized service, we work with you to innovate and improve your travel program.

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Global Solutions

Utilize our international travel expertise and the benefits of our BCD Travel partnership to simplify your multinational travel program needs.

Corporate Travel Managers Showing the benefits of a Managed Travel Program

How We Do It

Analyze Program

We take the time to understand the current state of your travel program. By analyzing your company’s travel patterns, vendor relationships, and travel policies, we can identify both your successes and areas for improvement.

Implement Plan

Based on our analysis and your input, we work in partnership to build the roadmap for where you want your travel program to go. With this direction, we create a formal Travel Management Plan to guide our daily efforts and help you achieve your goals.

Review Results

Each quarter we will review our accomplishments and results, and add any new initiatives to your Travel Management Plan. Regular reviews keeps our partnership aligned and focused on your strategies and initiatives.

Can a Travel Management Company Really Help Me?

Download our white paper to find out.

Travel Program Management FAQs

What is a corporate travel program?

A corporate travel program is an organization’s plan for how it will implement, manage, conduct, and communicate their business travel. It includes a streamlined and integrated way to book and manage employee travel. Sometimes, they are called corporate travel programs, company travel programs, business travel programs and include corporate travel policies. Some organizations have corporate travel programs with rigid regulations, while other businesses’ programs are more flexible depending on the needs of the employee and business. Some of the best-managed corporate travel programs are outsourced to third-party travel experts, freeing up internal teams to manage the business operations at hand.

How does Christopherson help company travel programs?

Christopherson tailors its corporate travel management to the needs of its clients’ individual travel programs. We begin by analyzing their current program’s travel patterns, vendor relationships, and travel policies. Then, we create a formal Travel Management Plan. Our clients particularly benefit from the cost savings we provide, thanks to our technology, reporting, and dedicated travel support team. Once a plan has been established, we meet with clients regularly to keep travel goals on track and adjust the program as needed to ensure alignment with the business’s changing needs.

What makes Christopherson different from other corporate travel programs?

The integration and alignment of our service and technology is what quickly differentiate Christopherson from the rest. Our experienced account managers are consultative, easy to work with, and maintain clear, consistent communication to adjust management plans when needed. Our integrated travel management software, AirPortal®, makes it easy for travelers to book travel, while also helping corporate travel managers reduce travel costs, mitigate risk, and more. Through our tools and our team, we are your committed corporate travel partner, making business travel a smoother process from start to finish.

How much can I save with a corporate travel program?

Each company’s savings will look different because every program, spend, and goal is different. That said, Christopherson helps you visualize spend through multiple reporting options which can be compared against industry benchmarks. We also help you save by providing vendor negotiation expertise, industry partnerships, discount programs, and more. Some partners have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first year alone. And clients who had never before had a managed travel program saved an average of 15% after partnering with Christopherson.

What is a corporate travel policy?

A corporate travel policy is a list of guidelines and procedures that tells employees how to plan, book, and travel for their business trips. Policies should be written simply and clearly so everyone can understand the organization’s expectations and requirements. Policies are periodically reviewed and updated to match a business’s growing or changing needs.

What should my corporate travel policy include?

A successful corporate travel policy is clear, provides choices, and respects the goals and budget of the company. Your corporate travel policy should include guidelines for booking flights, hotels, and ground transportation. It should also outline rules for spending, including meals, entertainment, upgrades, and other items. Policies should also include security measures for individuals and work materials as well as any travel approval processes for travel and travel reimbursement.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

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