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Introducing AirPortal®

Experience the power of AirPortal®, our integrated software platform. This essential technology delivers total access to the tools and real-time data you need to move your travel program in the right direction.

  • Simplify Your Work

    AirPortal 360 Mobile is the first and only comprehensive mobile app for corporate travel managers.

  • Manage Your Risk

    AirPortal’s SecurityLogic delivers real-time risk management data and dynamic communication options.

  • Reduce Your Costs

    AirPortal transforms business intelligence into actionable intelligence so you don’t just own the data, you own the future.

  • Serve Your Travelers

    AirPortal opens the door to online booking tools to help you cut costs and give your business travelers self-service options.

Seamless Travel Technology

Next-Gen Travel Technology for Companies Who Want More

Total Visibility

AirPortal 360 is an intelligent dashboard and mobile app that gives you complete access to every tool you need to manage your corporate travel program.

Easy Navigation

With a single sign-in, you’ll immediately see your travelers’ locations and your daily action items. With movable widgets and a simple navigation menu, you’ll have customized access to the most important travel tools.

Mobile Access

AirPortal 360 Mobile is the first and only mobile app developed for travel arrangers. The ability to manage your entire travel program from the palm of your hand helps you optimize your entire travel program.

Seamless Travel Technology on Mac - Christopherson Business Travel
Christopherson Business Travel - Airportal on Mobile Platforms

Risk Management

Manage Risk & Ensure Traveler Safety


Use our risk management tool, SecurityLogic to access global travel alerts and locate travelers anywhere in the world.


Confirm your business travelers' safety with SecurityLogic’s Safety Check feature. When a traveler receives a Safety Check, they can let you know if they're safe or need assistance.


SecurityLogic’s data is updated in real-time so you (and your travelers) have round-the-clock peace of mind. You can also push security, weather, and disaster alerts via text or email.

User-Friendly Business Travel Software

Simple Tools for Happy Travelers


Whether online or with a full-service corporate travel agent, travelers can book how they like, where they like. Their preferences and your policies are fully integrated.


Business travelers can easily modify their plans right from their itinerary which also provides links for online check-in, maps, and more.


With universal calendar and TripIt integrations, business travelers can access and keep track of their travel plans from anywhere.

Corporate Travel Technology on a Laptop

Additional Features


AirPortal’s ValueLogic tool provides data on the ROI of our partnership so you can see exactly how and where we’re saving you money.

  • View Real-time ROI
  • Time-saving Digital Process
  • Prime Analytics Integration

Nearly 10% of all business travel airline tickets go unused. AirBank captures those unused airline tickets in a centralized database to prevent their loss, cut costs, and eliminate waste.

  • Audit & Prevent Ticket Loss
  • Ensure Reuse at Booking
  • Total Transparency

AirPortal allows business travelers to manage their individual profiles and store travel preferences, membership numbers, credit card information, and more.

  • Profile Access & Management
  • Synced Preferences
  • Online Access

Save money and ensure compliance when we integrate your travel policy and vendor programs with your booking options. You also get the best contract rates through our expert vendor negotiation.

  • Full Travel Policy Integration
  • Vendor Rates Integrated
  • Expert Vendor Negotiation

Ensure travel policy compliance on full-service bookings by tracking approvals, modifications, and cancellations with Christopherson’s Travel Approval.

  • Travel Approval & Compliance
  • Time-saving Digital Process
  • Step-by-step Notifications

Hotel ReCheck helps maximize your hotel savings by monitoring full-service reservations. If we find a rate lower than your current reservation for the same type of room at the same hotel, we’ll save you money and book the less expensive option.

  • Hotel Rate Monitoring
  • Improved Hotel Attachment
  • Secure, Pre-authorized Hotel Payment

Technology Integrations

Seamless Integrations with Industry-Leading Products

AirPortal already integrates with numerous technology tools and the list is growing.

More About Integrations

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