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Will the Rising U.S. Debt Also Raise Taxes for Airlines?

In an effort to lower the U.S. debt level, President Obama’s plan is to raise taxes. One of the industries affected will be the travel industry. The airlines are already struggling to remain profitable. Not only will additional taxes affect the airlines’ profitability, but these taxes will also affect businesses, (both small and large), and individual travelers as increased fees and taxes will be passed on to the consumers. If these fees are not passed on to consumers, then services provided by the airlines will be cut as well as the  jobs that support those services. Currently, aviation pays 17 different federal taxes totaling 17 billion dollars annually. Airline CEOs of the major airlines have banned together in objection to the new “take-off” fee or tax that could run as high as $100.00 per take-off. To obtain more information regarding the airlines stand against this fee, you can find an article at this link.