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Why You Should Travel During Economic Slow Times

As the economy continues to recover from the worst recession since the 1930’s, companies continue to try to cut unnecessary expenses and one area frequently targeted is travel.
While it may be a prudent thing to make some cuts and reductions in travel expenditures, companies need to be careful not to over do it.  Some companies have tried to replace face-to-face sales calls with video conferencing or with web-based solutions; however, these solutions tend not to be as successful as a sit-down meeting where relationships are built.  Companies that do a combination of approaches, including traveling to meet the customer have a higher success rate at getting the business than those that rely solely upon technological approaches.
This was discussed at the Global Travel and Tourism Summit held in May 2011 in Las Vegas. The article has a nice summary of some of the benefits of actually traveling to visit clients and potential clients. However, it overlooks some advantages that a company gains by traveling when the economy is slow, which include putting your name and product in front of the customer when your competition is not. Also sending sales teams to conferences allows for the development of new sales from unexpected sources, such as random or chance meetings in elevators, on flights or in airports where one can meet a previously unknown customer. These chance encounters can result in a higher rate of return on the travel budget.
What we do at Christopherson Business Travel is help you control the costs and thus allow you to maximize the value of your travel budget. We provide our customers with a variety of tools that help ensure that your travel policy is followed. We also offer online booking tools, as well as a very experienced full-service staff, so that we can customize our service to meet your needs.