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Where In The World Are My Employees?

Ever wonder how companies keep track of where their employees are when there is a catastrophic event? Like the shutdown of US airspace following 9-11 or the shutdown of Western Europe following the volcanic eruption in Iceland or even the crisis in Japan?

Companies that book their travel through Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz, or through many traditional travel agencies, don’t have a quick and reliable means of determining that information. That means that those companies have no easy way to learn which of their employees are impacted by current events. The first hint they have of the need to get to work on making changes to their travelers’ plans is often the phone call or email from the stranded passenger. That often means these travelers are missing out on the best options to get home.

Christopherson Business Travel has developed SecurityLogic®; part of our proprietary software that allows travel managers to see where their travelers at any time. It provides a graphic display; listing all the travelers in each location, including connecting airports. What this means is if something comes up, and there is a need to get everyone out of a given location, the travel manager can see at a glance who is where and can get to work on getting them out of there.

SecurityLogic® is part of Christopherson Business Travel’s TravelAcumen® suite of tools that we provide to our clients at no charge. For a demonstration, please contact your account manager.

Christopherson Business Travel

Christopherson Business Travel

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