BY Kathleen Roberts |

ValueLogic® – a savings report card from your travel management company

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how diligently your TMC is working to maximize your travel investment? Well…it’s working for customers who use Christopherson Business Travel to manage their travel program. Through our partnership you clearly see how we save you money. We backup our claims of saving you money in hard data. You get more than just our word that we are the cost-effective business travel partner of choice. You are provided with monthly, easy-to-read ValueLogic® reports that show you where and how Christopherson saves you money.
On a timely basis, you have the unique opportunity to review critical information:
• Airline, car, and hotel savings
• 25+ quantifiable categories of savings
• Average savings per itinerary
• Voided ticket savings
• Airbank® ticket management savings
• Savings displayed on each travelers itinerary
• Summary and/or detail reporting format
ValueLogic® helps you assess your ROI and shows you the real savings you gain by partnering with Christopherson Business Travel.