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US to Europe: Give Icelandair a Try

icelandairWhen researching flights for a recent trip to Europe, I found that Icelandair had the best options from Denver direct to Reykjavik. In fact, the fares are actually quite affordable any time of year, and additional savings can be achieved if you are willing to spend some time in Reykjavik.

Our flight from Denver to Reykjavik was six and a half hours and we had booked the Economy Comfort seating since this fare includes a meal and access to the Saga Lounge. We could order anything from the menu and the selection of entertainment was expansive. Passengers who take this flight in the summer will also enjoy beautiful scenery flying over Greenland, as the sun never sets on this flight. Upon arrival in Reykjavik, we found a beautiful, clean, and incredibly modern airport.

For our second flight from Reykjavik to London, we were upgraded to Business Class and were given the same amenities. The flight crew was incredibly accommodating and we landed in London feeling semi-rested and well fed.

For our return flight, we flew from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Reykjavik and found the flight just as pleasant. On this leg of the trip, we were able to enjoy a stopover in Reykjavik. We had booked a very short 36-hour stay, but will definitely stay longer next time, as the entire country seems to be incredibly organized and there is prearranged transportation for almost every activity.

Icelandair partners with Reykjavik Excursions and tickets are sold on the flight for an airport transfer which either includes a stop at the Blue Lagoon or goes directly to the city with hotel drop-offs. Both Reykjavik Excursions and Gray Line have a desk at the airport with regularly scheduled buses leaving for both the Blue Lagoon and Reykjavik.

We opted for the bus that stopped at the Blue Lagoon, since this attraction is much closer to the airport than downtown. These buses are also the best option for returning to the airport. They depart from downtown and all of the companies have an option for hotel pick up. But do keep in mind that Iceland is a very “on time” country and transportation runs on schedule to the minute.

By taking advantage of the 22 hours of daylight, we were also able to squeeze in a Golden Circle tour and some window shopping downtown during our short stay. It is important to note that the flight on Icelandair was perhaps the only affordable thing about our Reykjavik stopover, as we found that hotels, shopping and dining in the city were quite expensive. But even still–whether you are planning to vacation in Iceland or just stop over, Icelandair provides an affordable fare and great service when travelling to Europe.

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