Christopherson Business Travel Knows Higher Education Travel

See why we're at the forefront of managed university travel

30+ Years Specialized Experience

We've spent the last 60 years becoming the best in the business travel management feild. During that time, we also realized the need for university and higher education managed travel. So we decided to master that too.

Dedicated University Travel Team

Our University Travel Team is dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of colleges and universities. We understand the unique challenges that higher education institutions face, we have developed solutions to meet those needs.

Streamlined Configuration

Whether you decided to book with our University Travel Team agents, our online booking tool, or maybe even on-campus agents, we tailor your configuration to meet the needs of each university. We also offer a VIP desk for university executives.

Easy Customization

Christopherson fully customizes each university online booking tool site to include travel policy, preferred suppliers, grant tracking, approval policies, and more. Additionally, our online support team is always available to assist travelers with navigational and system questions via phone or email.