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United Airlines: What a difference a year has made

I have lived in Denver, a United Airlines hub, for 13 years. Previously, I lived in Houston, a Continental Airlines hub. Remember Continental? Call it southern hospitality or just dang good service, but Continental knew how to treat their customers. For United–though they’ve had an exceptional product and loyal customers in the past–a rocky merger/acquisition left their customer service severely lacking.

But fast forward to today and I can tell you–because I experience it every day with my business travel clients–United airlines has made big, positive changes. They are proactively finding ways to help me as a business travel Account Manager and our company’s customers. I have been able to provide more positive air travel solutions and perks for my clients, and I’m finding it enjoyable to work with United again.

I am sure this positive shift also has a lot to do with Senior Vice President, Dave Hilfman. I had the privilege of working with Dave in Houston when he was in charge of sales for Continental. Dave understands fanatical customer service. I’d like to encourage our readers to take five minutes to watch this video of Dave outlining the customer-focused initiatives United has taken. You can definitely see how United’s focus has truly turned in favor of the customer (travel management companies and travelers alike).


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