BY Kathleen Roberts |

TSA Updates Rules for Carry-ons

TSA Just when you thought you finally understood all the TSA carry-on rules, they change them again–this time, to more closely match international standards.

The TSA will now allow travelers to carry small pocket knives onto passenger planes for the first time since the September 11 terrorist attacks, however box cutters and locking knives are still prohibited.

Additionally, TSA will further relax its list of prohibited items, allowing passengers to also now carry-on sticks used for lacrosse, billiards, hockey, and skiing, as well as golf clubs and some types of baseball bats. Several updates to the security check process are also being made but travelers should still be prepared to remove their shoes at the security check point.

These changes come in an effort to more closely conform with international regulations and will take effect April 25.

For more information on the forthcoming changes, click here.