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TravelAcumen® – Travel Manager Suite

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TravelAcumen® provides the Travel Manager access to robust travel management tools.



Over the years, Christopherson Andavo Travel has created a powerful group of proprietary technology tools for travel management. Most of these tools were developed to provide a solution to specific challenges that our clients presented to us.

We realized we needed a branded, single-sign-on portal that would provide travel managers keen insight into their travel program, all in real time.

We have now taken our technology to a whole new level by integrating ALL of our technology tools into two powerful travel portals:

AirPortal® − Traveler Communication Suite
Communicates better with travelers to improve their travel experience

TravelAcumen® − Travel Manager Suite
Reduces a company’s travel spend through improved travel management

  • AirBank® – Audit, catalog, enforce and report reuse of your unused tickets
  • Hotel & Car Re-Check® – Monitors lodging and transportation reservations for lower rates
  • HotelPrepayLogic™ – Secure payment for a hotel guest’s prior to check-in
  • ValueLogic® – Measure the ROI on your travel management program
  • SecurityLogic® – Global security and crisis management platform
  • ProfileLogic® – Advanced profile management
  • DataLogic® – Travel spend analytics
Mike Cameron

Mike Cameron

Mike Cameron is the CEO of Christopherson Business Travel, which he and his wife Camille have owned since 1990. They have four children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

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