BY Mike Cameron |

Travel Agency or Talent Agency?

Is Christopherson Business Travel a travel agency or a talent agency?

I’d say that in order to be a successful travel agency, you first have to be a successful talent agency.
Some may wonder, how did Christopherson grow from $1 Million to $287 Million in just 22 years? In order to achieve this, there are three basic points on which we focused:

  1. We hired the right people
  2. We developed a unique value proposition
  3. We shared the wealth, with those who generated it

Hiring the right people means putting together a team that has the ability to help you develop a superior value proposition, which will, in turn, provide monetary returns to your company. Then, if you’re willing to “share the wealth,” those “right people” will want to stay with you and the cycle of investment, return, and growth will continue. It sounds cliche, yes. And it sounds simple. But it begs the question: “Why doesn’t everybody do that?” Most businesses probably do, but many don’t.
Talent Management 101 says:

  • People want to be listened to
  • People want to be empowered to make decisions
  • People want to be part of a growing and successful organization
  • People want to receive incentives, which reflect their contribution to the success

So yes, we learned early on that we are a talent agency. We identified the best people in the travel industry, we hired them, and we keep them!