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Let’s Get Personal

When you pair our experienced corporate travel agents with our best-in-class technology, your travelers have access to the services and tools they need to make business travel a breeze. Because the reality is: We really do care about your travelers’ experience—both with us and on the road—and our corporate travel managers are committed to taking care of them.

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Business Travel Agent with Headset booking Corporate Travel

Committed to an Outstanding Traveler Experience

Whether your people book with our full-service corporate travel agents or through the online booking tool, every detail and traveler preference is integrated and seamless. And no matter where they are in the world, they have access to our 24/7 corporate travel advisor support to assist with any unexpected bumps in the road.

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Corporate Travel Agents

Our corporate travel agents know the ins and outs of your corporate travel program. They save you money by applying your travel policy, utilizing your preferred vendors, and employing the benefits of lowest fare searches, airline partnerships, special hotel discounts, and rental car programs.

Designated corporate travel advisor team; no call centers
Average of 25 years of experience each
Accessible 24/7, 365
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Online Booking Support

If booking travel online is your preference, we have the user-friendly tools and expert team to support you. As a Concur Elite Preferred Partner, our in-house service team is Concur-certified and averages 15 years of experience each so you have expertise on your side.

Concur Elite Preferred Partner
In-house Online Support Team

70 Years in Business Helping Travelers


Use our Value Scorecard to assess the ROI of our partnership, track both hard and soft dollar savings, and gauge traveler satisfaction.


No matter where you are in the world, you and your business travelers can reach us 24/7, 365 days a year. Even if it’s an after-hours emergency, we’ve still got you.

VIP Service

Give your most important travelers a white glove experience with our VIP-dedicated team who provides priority call handling, personalized flight planning, premium hotel advocacy, and more.

Global Travel Experise

Companies with U.S. and international headquarters depend on our highly-trained, in-house International Rate Desk travel experts and BCD Travel affiliation.


Big Agency Ability. Small Firm Personality.

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24/7 365 Traveler Support
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Know how and where you’re saving money
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Best-in-class technology w/ mobile options
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Technology that Travels With You

AirPortal integrates with the leading traveler apps so travel details and itineraries are always available.

SecurityLogic, our risk management tool, allows you to push mobile notifications and verify safety with the Safety Check feature.

Travel Advisor FAQs

What is a corporate travel agent?

Some may wonder what a corporate travel agent is and how that differs from a regular travel agent? Corporate travel agents, also known as corporate travel advisors here at Christopherson, are travel experts who book business travel on behalf of companies, universities, government entities, non-profits, and other types of organizations. Using their knowledge of their client’s unique needs and the global travel industry, they create business trips that meet the needs of each traveler, company, and business trip.

What does a business travel agent do?

So what does a travel agent do for a business? Business travel agents assist companies with arranging travel for their employees. Businesses rely on business travel agents to not only arrange accommodations such as hotels, rental cars, and airfare, but they expect them to find the best possible price while doing so. Ultimately, business travel agents help companies make the in-person connections that help them grow their business.

How can a corporate travel agent benefit my business?

Simply put, companies use corporate travel agents because they know how to meet the unique requirements of business travel. They also save your company time by using their expertise to handle the booking of trips. Business travel agents help your company save money because they have access to low-cost fares, integrated tools, and a network of travel providers and exclusive discounts. They can even help your employees get better plane seats, additional hotel services, ensure trips are booked according to travel policies, and more.

How do I book corporate travel with a travel agent?

Are you wondering how to book corporate travel for your business? Booking corporate travel is easy when you partner with a corporate travel management company. At Christopherson Business Travel, we provide travel solutions you can trust. Our industry-leading techniques and personalized service not only helps you protect your travelers, but it also protects your company. We know the ins and outs of business travel and help deliver only the best travel services for your company.

What’s the difference between corporate and leisure travel agents?

Corporate travel agents arrange employee travel arrangements for businesses, including transportation, accommodations, and additional services. They also provide 24/7 travel support to employees en route. Leisure travel agents arrange trips for personal travel. They too find appropriate transportation and accommodations for travelers, but will also include or offer recreation options and vacation packages.

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