BY Christopherson Business Travel |

Topaz: 2008 Airfares Cheaper Through Agencies
As an account manager for one of the largest travel management companies I am faced everyday with the question of, “Is the internet cheaper than the agency?”. It is on going that many companies who do not mandate travel have the preception that their cost is cheaper on the internet by searching for the lowest fare. Unfortunately, this is on average, a myth. How can you prove that you are saving and spending less by using the internet? The internet does not provide monthly, quarterly or annual reporting to prove this. Also, not only are you losing out on the employees valuable time they could be spending on their work rather than searching for fares, but you also are losing out on the possibility of negotiated rates, the ability to track your travel spend via agency reporting, quality control, and making sure each dollar is accounted for.
Christopherson Travel can report your companies average ticket price compared to Christopherson clients as a whole and the National average (provided by Topaz).
We offer value to our clients by providing not only travel savings but also by investing in our proprietary technology that enables our clients to have control over their program and track their company travel with just a few clicks.