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Thirteen social media and mobile tips for corporate travel

For all those corporate travel managers out there, I happened upon an interesting and helpful article on Tnooz the other day that you may like.  Written by Miriam Moscovici, director of strategic marketing and technology planning at BCD Travel, it discusses thirteen social media and mobile tips for corporate travel.  A quick intro:
Thanks to the growth of smartphones and the social web, today’s work force has developed new habits and high expectations.
Properly deployed, social web and mobile technology can help keep travelers informed and aware, offer newly personalized corporate travel experiences and feed vital information into the corporation’s program management framework and processes.
Travel managers and business travel suppliers can’t afford to wait to begin adopting these products and services into managed travel because travelers are forging rapidly ahead – with or without consent.
The challenge can be daunting without proper guidance. But by following these 13 tips, you’ll be well on your way to harnessing the forces of social and mobile web to support your managed travel program.
View the 13 tips here.
Here at Christopherson Business Travel, we like to think we’re helping our travel manager clients implement these ideas already, by way of our integrated travel technology and partnership with TripIt.  Contact us today for more information.  866-327-7650.