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The National Car Rental Drop-off Attendants at DIA are GREAT!!

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I would like to extend a big “Thanks!” to the National Car Rental attendants at the Denver airport for recently going the extra mile in helping me get back home.

Here’s the scoop …

Because I have the Emerald Isle membership, I get to pick out the car I want when I arrive at the rental desk, and on Wednesday, March 28, having just flown in to Denver International for a business trip, an adorable red Volvo station-wagon was sitting there in the lot, just screaming for me to take it for a drive. So I did!

My personal car is a Prius so the push-start ignition was familiar, and at home, if I happen to leave the keys in the ignition, push the lock button, and try to leave, my Prius makes all sorts of noise to let me know I’m doing something wrong.

Well, when I brought that beautiful red Volvo back at the end of the day, no sound was made when did just that. I left the keys in the ignition, locked the car (which I thought I was unlocking), got out, and shut the door. And as you may have guessed, my briefcase was in the back seat–of a very, locked car.

The young woman who had just checked me in dropped everything and ran to get a mechanic. Within minutes (and as you might know in these cases, those minutes can be really, really long!), they had two mechanics working to get it unlocked. And in no more than ten minutes, the car was unlocked, I got my briefcase, and was on my way.

So again, may I say: THANK YOU!! to all of you at Denver’s National Car Rental return-car center for helping me out of a jam and getting me on my flight home!!

Kathleen Roberts

Kathleen Roberts

Kathleen Roberts is the Vice President of Business Development and passionate about providing innovative solutions for corporate travel programs. She is a member of GBTA and Utah GBTA, as well as a Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) and Global Travel Professional (GTP). In addition to being a travel addict she finds joy in a good game of basketball. Connect with Kathleen on LinkedIn.

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