BY Christopherson Business Travel |

The Beauty of Full Service Travel

If text messaging while driving has been, or will be outlawed, do you think that means no laptop use while driving as well?  How many times are you driving in your car and you begin to create that mental list of things you need to accomplish, you know, the list that never actually gets written down on paper?  We’ve all been in those situations where we may not have a laptop at our fingertips, but 90% of us will have our cell phone with us.  This is one of many benefits that come from using a full service travel agency for your business and leisure travel.  The next time you are stuck in traffic and your mental list of ‘things to do’ comes to mind, and booking your next trip has surfaced to the top, you can take care of it easily using your Bluetooth and speed dial to call your favorite travel coordinator at Christopherson Business Travel.  There are times for on-line booking and on-line booking tools, but there is also savings to be gained by using your full service agency.
Using a full service travel agency can, in the long run, save time and money.  This savings can take place before, during and after your trip.  Though on-line booking tools can be convenient and are often known for obtaining low fares, your travel coordinator can provide you with those same fares and at the same time, give you hundreds of options for saving money that an on-line booking tool is unable to do.  Many times you are required to scroll through long lists of options and flights which can be very time consuming, and as the saying goes, ‘time is money’.  A travel agent also has the ability to add comments to your air, car and hotel reservations when you have special requests to ensure that your travel experience is a positive one.
Have you ever finished business early and haven’t wanted to spend Friday afternoon in a crowded and noisy airport?  If you have booked your travel arrangements with your full service travel agency it only takes one call to a familiar voice to make the necessary changes to your reservation so that you can avoid wasted time and enjoy more time at home.  I’ve always said that Dorothy penned it so well, “There’s no place like home”.   On-line booking tools at this time do not allow changes without contacting the airlines or a travel agent directly.
During your trip, when you may encounter problems with your air, car or hotel reservation, if you have used your full service agency, you have an advocate on your side.  There is nothing like having someone to call when a crisis arises and letting a seasoned travel coordinator resolve any issues that may arise with your travel arrangements.  This allows you to focus on the real purpose of your business trip, once again, saving time and money.
Truly, a computer will never be able to replace the human touch, but don’t say this out loud near the IT team.