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Take Steps for a Smooth Flight

A few months back I was traveling in the Washington DC area and spent a few extra hours in the Washington National airport waiting for a delayed flight. It was amazing to me to watch not one, but several different groups of travelers, be turned away at the counter. They had airline itineraries in hand, but the airline was telling them that they did not have confirmed reservations. In this age of “ticketless” travel, there are steps you can take to make sure your travel plans run smoothly.

  • Most carriers will tell you that all you need is your confirmation number for your reservation. Be certain that you also have your electronic ticket number. For itineraries purchased through Christopherson Business Travel, the ticket number will always show at the bottom of your Airtinerary.
  • If your trip was booked in advance by a few weeks or months, there is a good chance the airline may make some schedule changes to the flight number or time. Be sure to reconfirm your times a few days prior to your departure.  A good example of this is the United/Continental merger that is occurring over the next few months. As they realign their flights, your itinerary may change from having a United flight number to a Continental number. If you receive a flight time change, be sure to see if you have a different electronic ticket number.
  • Often times advance seat assignments may not be available when you book your trip, but it is a good idea to check back and see if these advance seat assignments became available a day or so before you fly.
  • Most carriers allow for online check-in within 24 hours of your flight. Again, your Christopherson Airtinerary has links directly to the check-in site for most airlines. There are times when you cannot check-in online, and you may want to contact the airline’s online help number. In most instances they can resolve any issues, so you can complete the online check-in process.

Taking a few moments to reconfirm reservations can result in a much better traveling experience!