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November 29, 2017

Are Travelers Dissatisfied with TSA PreCheck?

Don’t you hate it when your reliable shortcut home becomes mainstream? Or when the coffee shop is always out of your favorite muffin due to…
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October 21, 2016

TSA Precheck Lines Getting Longer?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced an initiative to enroll twenty-five million new travelers in their Trusted Traveler programs by 2019. Such programs include TSA Precheck and Global…
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May 19, 2016

The Ultimate Airport Time-Saver: Tips for Enrolling in TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

It’s not just your imagination: Airport security lines are getting longer and longer. And wait times will only get worse when travel peaks this summer, The…
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August 6, 2015

Getting Through Airport Security

In order to test TSA airport security systems, undercover agents will try to get through undetected with hidden threats. When it was revealed that 95%…
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June 25, 2014

TSA Precheck: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For an $85 fee, a background check, and an interview, you have access to faster moving lines, and quicker security screening.
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July 25, 2013

TSA Launches New Application Program for TSA PreCheck

Christopherson Business Travel received the following notification from Delta this week, and wanted to share this valuable news with our travelers: (July 24, 2013) - On…
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May 10, 2013

Delta, United, & US Airways Now Alerting Passengers of TSA Pre✓ Status

Delta, United, and US Airways are now alerting qualified business travelers of their Pre✓ status with a “TSA Pre✓” alert on mobile and paper boarding…
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April 24, 2013

How to Avoid Security Lines (or at least get through them faster)

Some travelers can be their own worst enemy when it comes to slowing down the security lines. They don’t follow the publicized rules and continue…
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April 10, 2013

TSA Pre✓ Quick Guide Security Location Chart

Updated: August 2016 - The TSA Pre✓ program continues to expand, currently serving 40 airports, with more to come throughout the year. The trick is, knowing…
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