Travel Management
March 26, 2010

Managing Your Hotel Policy

Managing a hotel program can be a daunting task, but an unmanaged hotel program can be costly to a company’s travel budget.  Travelers don’t seem…
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Travel News
January 15, 2010

2010 U.S. Business Travel Buyer’s Cost Forecast

The National Business Travel Association (NBTA) has provided the following travel industry 2010 Forecasts for the following ranges for changes in rates/fares: Average U.S. Domestic…
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Business TravelTravel News
December 4, 2009

2010 Travel Forecast…Doom and gloom or back on the fast track!

Christopherson Andavo Business Travel is a member of the National Business Travel Association.  The below article is one of the many we have received from…
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Business TravelTravel News
May 18, 2009

New Client Maximizes Return on their Travel Investment (ROI)

This new client found us on Google.  Not being satisfied with their present provider’s service or the cost for that service decided to make a…
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