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Sleeping On Those Long Flights Gets Better.

While we all know that flying on transoceanic flights is hard on everyone, the airlines have gone to great lengths to make it better for their travelers in first and business class. On some airlines you get seats that convert into lie flat beds and others have gone so far as to build individual suites for their premium fliers. A few have created a new class of service that is a step between business class and economy class. There is a bit more leg room and some sort of foot rest. While that is an improvement over the traditional torture devices that are called economy seating, no one has done much to make it possible for anyone to sleep comfortable on the long flights, until now.
Air New Zealand has recently announced that they are introducing the first lie flat bedding in the economy section of the aircraft. It’s not exactly what you would expect however it is still a vast improvement over the traditional seating. It’s called the Sky Couch. Here is a great article going into more detail:
While there are some restrictions on the Sky Couch, along with added expenses, it is really nice to see an airline doing more for those flying in economy.  Too often the big news is the varied and amazing upgrades to first class or maybe even business class however it is rare to see major modifications to the economy section.  Hopefully this is the first in a new wave of enhancements that impact the majority of fliers.