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My Travel

We're business travelers too. So we understand the need for a business trip to be as undisruptive to regular life as possible, while still providing the opportunity to make that face-to-face connection, seal the deal, and land the account. 

Through My Travel, Christopherson's digital dashboard specifically designed for the traveler, your road warriors have instant access to business travel itineraries, flight options, mobile syncing, and more.

Plus, should they need them, our expert travel advisors are available 24 hours-a-day from anywhere in the world to help with every possible situation that might arise on their business travels.

Here are just a few of the tools My Travel offers:

  • My Itineraries: View them all. Every itinerary ever booked online or with a travel agent is listed for easy reference.
  • Book Trips: With direct access to our online booking tool, travelers can book business trips simply and quickly.
  • Travel Profiles: Travel profile information is always available. Plus business travelers can always manage their information regardless of whether they booked online or with a travel agent.
  • Contacts: All the numbers your business travelers could possibly need are stored in one place. Quickly get in touch with a travel agent, account manager, or online support personnel. Even emergency after-hours numbers are listed.

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