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Get in the Driver’s Seat of Savings, Negotiation, and Compliance with Ease

Hotel Attachment, Christopherson's latest technology tool, tracks travel itineraries with missing hotel reservations and assists travelers in completing that itinerary prior to their trip. When Christopherson's software platform, AirPortal®, identifies such an itinerary, an email is generated providing clear options for the traveler:


Link a conference
or self-booked hotel


Create a request
for a hotel reservation


Request a reminder
for a later date

By taking advantage this helpful digital solution, business travelers can take control of their plans and be assured that all their travel details are in one place. Hotel Attachment also gives travel managers the information necessary to negotiate better vendor rates, find travelers in case of emergencies, and track policy compliance.

LINK: The Value of Consolidating Travel Plans

By selecting "Link Existing Reservation," travelers can easily add a conference or self-booked hotel. All the details of their reservation are then included in their Airtinerary®. This allows travelers to keep their travel plans in one location, ultimately eliminating the frustration of lost or forgotten reservations.

BOOK: Direct Access to Reservation Assistance

Hotel Attachment also provides the option of booking a new hotel reservation. Travelers simply fill in the details of their hotel needs and their full-service travel agent is notified of the request to book and update the Airtinerary®. Hotel Attachment also provides the option for travelers to book their reservation online.

REMIND: Hit the Snooze Button & Take Care of It Later

This third option allows the traveler to set a reminder to add that missing hotel reservation at a later time, alleviating the need to remember "one more thing"--and save a sticky note!

Managing Hotel Attachment

Through the Hotel Attachment dashboard, travel managers can access key insights on their company's hotel spend, hotel attachment rates, the accommodations for conference or self-booked travelers, and catch any missing hotels that could potentially cause problems or frustration for their travelers. With this information, travel managers can better manage policy compliance, improve duty of care by knowing where travelers are, and enjoy the cost-savings that come from using negotiated hotel rates.

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