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Airportal 360™ Mobile

Your travel management nerve center In the Palm of Your Hand

Christopherson Business Travel’s newly developed AirPortal 360™ Mobile is the first mobile app specifically designed exclusively for the corporate travel manager.

As the mobile version of Christopherson’s comprehensive and intelligent travel manager dashboard, AirPortal 360 Mobile delivers all the essential tools travel managers need to maintain their duty of care responsibilities, keep track of travelers and itineraries, access and manage traveler profiles, ensure policy compliance, and more—even if you’re away from your desk.

Within AirPortal 360 Mobile, five options are currently available:


View a comprehensive map to see who is traveling, where, and when. Access notifications and alert travelers, either individually or as a group, of delays, dangers, and/or weather at a moment’s notice.


All your itineraries—past, present, and future—and all your travelers’ itineraries are accessible via AirPortal 360 Mobile. Quickly search itineraries to locate travelers, monitor travel plans, and keep track of preferred itineraries.


With a few taps of your finger, you can access all your company’s traveler profiles, edit individual profiles, deactivate users, reset passwords, or send a welcome email. You can even easily enroll new travelers right from your mobile phone.


Ensuring compliance just got a whole lot easier. View a summary of your company’s travel policy and access preferred vendor contracts to check rates.


All the numbers you could possibly need are stored in one place. Quickly call or email your Christopherson Account Manager, your travel agent, your back up agent, or online support personnel. Even emergency after-hours numbers are listed.

With AirPortal 360 Mobile, you can now do your job wherever you are, whenever you need to.

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