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Additional Business Travel Services

Global Affiliate of BCD Travel

Christopherson's global business travel partner, BCD Travel, is the world's third largest corporate travel management company with $20.8 Billion in annual sales, 1,500 locations, and 11,000 employees in 95 countries. The resulting benefit of this affiliation is that all Christopherson customers gain access to the buying power and air, car rental, and hotel discounts provided to a partner of BCD Travel.

Because of these available services as well as our 50-year legacy of professional excellence, Christopherson is the designated travel management company for a strong portfolio of global companies with both U.S. and international headquarters.

24-Hour Service

Christopherson understands that emergency bookings take place 24/7 and is fully prepared to handle this common situation. Through our after-hours emergency service, your travelers will gain continuous peace of mind as well as personalized care from highly trained consultants as our staffing structure can handle the unique requirements of "in-progress" or "immediate" travel situations. All of this is to say that we have ensured your travelers will receive experienced, efficient, and courteous support round the clock, no matter where they are in the world.

International Rate Desk

Efficiently book international business travel with our highly experienced agents and receive the added support of Christopherson's in-house International Rate Desk. This highly trained group of international travel specialists supports all of our agents.

To back up our in-house International Rate Desk, our agents can also access the BCD Global Faring International Rate Desk and exclusive contracts via our membership with Virtuoso, an exclusive network of travel specialists.

Combined, we provide the lowest possible international rates by using legal and creative faring methods from multiple resources.

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