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Road Warrior Travel Tips

While visiting the Harvard Business Review’s on-line web site, I came across an article by Robert C. Pozen and Justin Fox which provides simple yet excellent tips for road warriors.
Traveling for business used to be considered a perk. Nowadays it’s more often seen as a burden. It disturbs your routine and messes up your sleep and diet. Here are things you can do to lessen the impact:

  1.  Sleep on the plane. Yes, it’s hard, but try to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. Use earplugs and eyeshades to create a cocoon. 
  2. Avoid the WiFi. Take advantage on being unreachable for those few short hours. Use your down time on planes and in cars to think or write, the very things that are impossible when you are being interrupted all the time in the office.
  3. Pack lightly. Bring a canvas bag instead of a briefcase. It’s lighter and holds more. Only bring the essentials so you are not putting unnecessary strain on your body.