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Reminders for the holiday travelers

Christmas will be upon us soon and along with it comes the stress and strains of holiday travel.    There are many articles out there talking about this. It makes some very good points about how not to lose your baggage during this busy travel time. I think that it behooves us to discuss some of the more basic issues that end up causing us stress while traveling during the holidays. Some of this stress is a result of other people’s actions, especially those who don’t travel much and therefore don’t know what the TSA rules and expectations are or that they should have removed their shoes, their jewelry, etc. before trying to clear security at the airport.
Then there is the self inflicted stress. You know, the stress that we inflict upon ourselves and our traveling companions. Some of the ones that I have inflicted upon others included leaving the itinerary home so I didn’t have the confirmation number and rate handy when the car rental company told me that they didn’t have a reservation for me. Or forgetting that my profile specified a sports car and I was traveling with 5 people. Or realizing that I don’t have any cash so I can’t tip the Sky Cap (and I wonder why my bag went missing). Yes, it’s very easy for experienced travelers to forget what it is like to travel with others.
In light of that, I have worked up a checklist that I like to use whenever I’m traveling with family members.

  1. Everyone has his or her ID before we leave the house.
  2. We have chargers for our PDAs, as our entire itinerary is available for us to view via Christopherson Andavo Business Travel’s AirPortal, which we can access via our PDAs.
  3. We have some cash, just in case.
  4. iPods are charged.
  5. Reading material is in the carry on, along with a change of clothes and anything that we can’t live without, including but not limited to, prescription drugs, toiletries and snacks.
  6. Gifts, unwrapped.
  7. Phone numbers for those that we are visiting, for our travel agent and for the after hours service, in case something goes awry.
  8. My wallet, suitably cleaned out of everything that I don’t need on this particular trip.
  9. And of course, our sense of humor, patiences and a smile.

I hope that someone remembers to put the luggage in the car before we leave the house.
Happy holiday traveling!