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Christopherson Business Travel Launches Airtinerary®

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Christopherson Business Travel is pleased to announce the deployment of Airtinerary® proprietary software and enhanced document delivery technology.

Features of this new technology include:

• Enhanced travel details for airline, hotel and rental car reservations

• Calendar integration for industry supported iCalendar formats

• On-line check-in links

• PDF attachment for expense reporting

• Maps for car rental and hotel bookings

About Christopherson Business Travel

Christopherson Business Travel, headquartered in Salt Lake City, is the independently owned leader in business travel management in the rocky mountain region. With over 140 employees and 28 offices, the company supports more than $140 million in annual travel bookings. Christopherson Business Travel provides intelligent travel management to more than 600 successful companies.

Christopherson is an affiliate of BCD Travel – the leading provider of global travel logistics. BCD operates in 96 countries with $12 billion in annual travel management bookings and a combined worldwide workforce in excess of 12,000.
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Christopherson Business Travel

Christopherson Business Travel

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