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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: How to stay safe and where to sit?

Safety while traveling is always an important topic and transportation, whether on a plane, train, or automobile, involves a certain level of risk. Here are a few tips to keep you safer.


While air travel continues to be safer every year, travelers who watch the safety briefing, sit as far forward from the rear of the plane, and wear seat belt even when not required decrease their chances of being injured in the event of an accident.


Trains are nine times more likely to derail from the front than they are to hit another train or car head-on or to be hit from behind. The safest seat on a train is a rear facing aisle seat one or two cars back from the center of the train.


The rear of the car is generally the safest place due to the fact that driving is a forward motion and most car crashes occur with frontal impact. Wearing your seat belt and sitting in the rear middle seat is the safest and gives you extra protection in the event of a side impact accident.

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