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Pinkberry Makes Business Travel Better

At least according to me.  I know, I know, some people think frozen yogurt is SO two years ago and have moved on to gourmet doughnuts or macaroons as the next dessert trend du jour, but I’m still obsessed with Pinkberry.  That tart yogurt combined with the goodness of fresh fruit toppings – the only way to go in my book…
Anyway, since I think its tragic that we don’t have a Pinkberry where I’m based in Salt Lake City, I look at my business travel as an opportunity to get a fix.  That’s why I was so excited when I saw this Jaunted article letting me know exactly which airports have Pinkberry hot spots.  Its like they read my mind!  I just had to share; please read below.  And next time you’re on a business trip in one of these airports, take my strong suggestion and get thee to a Pinkberry for some fro-yo. 
Last week, we told you about three great French Brasseries found in airports, but this week we’re feeling way more casual…way more like we just wanna eat dessert and get on a flight with happy memories of a last-minute airport indulgence. That’s right: we’re talking about Pinkberry.
This LA-based frozen yogurt chain has damn near conquered the world in short of five years, and naturally that’s included airport outposts. It feels like only yesterday we were writing about their very first Pinkberry-in-an-airport opening, back in November 2009 in Terminal 1 at LAX. Los Angeles was a fitting first, but what other airports are swirlin’ up the fancy froyo now?
Airports with Pinkberry, as of June 2011:
· Dubai International Airport (DXB)
If we had to guess what one international airport boasts a Pinkberry, Dubai would have been top of our list. It’s a town that loves to jump onboard the latest “hot new thing” bandwagon and exploit it to its full potential. Thus the arrival of froyo to DXB, airside in Terminal 3.
· Honolulu International Airport (HNL)
It only makes sense for Pinkberry to open a spot here, which they did in the fall of 2010. The type of froyo they serve has been popular in Asia for some time, and guess what Honolulu Airport has? A lot of flights to/from Asia! Believe it or not, this was the first Pinkberry in Hawaii, and to reach it you needed to be flying somewhere since it’s definitely after the security checkpoint.
· Maui-Kahului International Airport (OGG)
Ditto for this airport location as it was for Honolulu. Both opened around the same time, and both introduced Hawaii to the Pinkberry craze. Find this one in the main food court.
· San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
A newbie, this Pinkberry debuted along with the entirety of SFO’s revamped Terminal 2, home to Virgin America and American AIrlines. The froyo purveyor is closer to the Virgin gates in a central food area, and it opens early enough to count as a fruity breakfast.
· Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT)
This is the newest of the bunch, since it only debuted earlier this summer. You can find it in the old US Airways club location in Concourse D.
· Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Of course. This is the original, and it sits in Terminal 1 nearby the Southwest Airlines gates.