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One Job for America… or More!

The One Job for America organization had an idea.  What if every business in America, large and small, created one new job?  Imagine what that could mean to our country.  Think about how many new jobs that might produce.
Christopherson’s president, Mike Cameron, was inspired by this grass roots movement and joined the cause by pledging to create a new job.  You can view a list of all the companies that have pledged on the One Job for America website.
Turns out, Christopherson didn’t just stop at one job.  Since January 1, 2011, we have hired 14 new employees!  Ten of which will be filling brand new positions.
“I made the decision early in the year to declare the recession over for Christopherson Business Travel, and start moving forward with an optimistic eye towards the future,” said Mike Cameron.
About half of these new employees have joined our Denver office, and the other half will work at our Salt Lake City location.  We are excited to welcome them, and glad that it in turn furthers the One Job for America cause.