BY Christopherson Business Travel |

New Rules Require Airlines to Show Fees with Fares

Have you ever seen an advertisement for what you thought was a “cheap flight,” only to click the link and find that it’s actually much more expensive than you initially thought due to all the fees and taxes?

In a new set of regulations, the Department of Transportation (DOT) will now require airlines to advertise full ticket prices, including any government taxes and additional fees, when those prices are advertised or first shown on websites. The DOT will also require airlines to post baggage fees more clearly on their websites.
These rules are the latest in consumer-oriented regulations imposed on airlines by the Government. At present, passengers often don’t see the full ticket cost until the booking is made and paid online. The intent of these rules is to make ticket prices more understandable for consumers by providing greater transparency and better opportunity for price comparison. Additionally, the new regulations will also require that airlines give the consumer 24 hours to change their reservation without having to pay a rebooking fee.
However the airlines say it’s unfair–that consumers are used to having taxes added at “the register,” and that it prevents them from showing the consumer just how much of the ticket price belongs to the government.
What do you think?