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Need More Legroom on Your Flight?

By November 19, 2015No Comments

If legroom on flights is important to you as a business traveler, and your company policy allows upgrading to economy comfort–awesome! But if not, did you know that different airlines have different standards? Below is a list of the top U.S. and International carriers that provide the most leg room:

Top U.S. Carriers International Carriers
1. JetBlue: 33 inches Aeromexico: 34 inches
2. Virgin America: 32 inches South African Airways: 33.5 inches
3. Southwest: 32 inches Asiana: 33 inches
4. Air India: 33 inches
5. Air Tahiti Nui: 33 inches

Interestingly, it appears that the leg room in is the same in coach or economy in the top three U.S. carriers. To upgrade to economy, you are paying for additional comforts, not extra legroom.

The U.S. airline that offers the least amount of leg room, as you may suspect, are those that offer the cheapest ticket prices, but then charge ancillary fees for nearly everything else–seat selection, luggage, carry-on bags, etc. Frontier and Spirit Airlines, for instance, only have 28 inches of legroom and no reclining seats.

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