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Natural Wonders of the World

We live in a truely amazing planet. Below is a list of 7 NATURAL wonders of the world. Start visiting them and check them off your  bucketlist.  Call us for arranging visits  to these fascinating places.

  • AURORA  BOREALIS, also know as the Northern Lights.  They are natural occuring lights that create intriguing and spectacular displays in the sky. The most amazing sight is when they skirt across the sky forming waves of neon color as if they are  dancing.  The best place and time to experience them is near the magnetic pole found in the artic islands of Canada.  For the common tourist it is much too cold.  A late summer visit to Alaska or Canada in the months of September and October, or a early spring visit in March or April,  present a fair chance of experiencing Aurora Borealis.
  • MOUNT EVEREST, the highest mountain in the world.  Located in the Himalaya mountains on the border of Nepal and Tibet.  The summit reaches a peak of 29,029 ft.  The best way to see Mt. Everest for the adventurous tourist is to trek and hike to the base of the mountain.  For the more experienced climber, you can climb to the upper base camp for approximately $25,000 climbing permit required by the Nepal government.  For the common tourist the best way is to take a guided flight.   The best time to travel is in October or November which is the start of the dry season.
  • GRAND CANYON, located in Arizona, USA.  It is 277 miles long, 4-8 miles wide and over 1 mile deep.  It was created by the Colorado River over 6 million years ago.  There are many vistas throughout the National Park, but the best view of the canyon occurs from the Toroweep Overlook, which is accessible on 3 different paths; St George, Utah (97 miles), Colorado City (62 miles) or Pipe Spring National Monument (64 miles).  A helicopter tour is the best way to see all the canyon.  Other exciting ways to explore are by mule, or white water rafting.
  • VICTORIA FALLS is the largest waterfall based on  width and height in the world.  It is 1 mile wide and 360 feet high, located in Africa on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.  One of the best way to see the falls is to take a helicopter tour or microlite tour over the falls, in which you may see elephants, hippos and other wildlife below .  Another awesome way to view the falls is on the foot path and foot bridge trail.  This allows you to see it at eye level, and understand how it got the name “smoke that Thunders”.  The best time to visit the falls is mid April to late November which is the dry season. 
  • GREAT BARRIER REEF is the largest coral reef in the world.  It stretches over 1600 miles, 133,00 sq miles including 900 islands and consist on 2,900 separate reefs. Best way to see the reef is snorkling or scuba diving.  There are also many single day and extended boat tours.  A helicopter ride will let you witness the size of this marine natural wonder which can be seen from outer space.  Temperature is 73-91 degrees in summer and 50-70 degrees in winter.  Rainy season is November t0 March, but anytime is good to visit except plan ahead as over 2 million tourist visit each year.
  • RIO  DE JANEIRO  HARBOR, was created by erosion frrom the Atlantic Ocean. It is surrounded by Sugar Loaf Mt (1,295 ft), Corcovado Mt (2310 ft) and the hills of Tijuca (3550 ft). The best views are from the tops of the surrounding mountains.  A cablecar or aerial tramway to Sugar Loaf Mt, or Cogwheel train to Corcovado (Christ the redeemer) is an perfect way to view the harbor. Best time is September and October to avoid high humid temperatures.
  • PARICUTIN VOLCANOS in Michoacan, Mexico located abut 200 miles west of Mexico City. It is a cinder cone volcano reaching heights of 10,397 ft. Last eruption was in 1952 and it is still active.  It was established as natural wonder because mankind witnessed its birth, which grew 3/4ths its size in the first year.  Best way to see Paricutin is to take 12 mile roundtrip hike or by horseback.  You will see lava fields, buried village homes, and a church leading to the top.  Any time is good to visit with winter temperatures of 59-68 degrees, and summer is 77-86 degrees. Rainy season is May-September.

Stay tuned for more exciting places, such as famous lost cities, tallest buildings, best man-made engineering projects, must see bridges, etc.