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uberUber continues to generate buzz in the business travel industry. I recently decided to try it out and signed up for my own account.

A friend provided me with a discount code so that I could try my first ride (up to $20) for free. The app was simple and the discount easy to redeem. The best part was that I too received a free ride code to share with friends. And even better–if my friends use that code, I get another 20.00 off. It’s a pretty great share/incentive plan.

If you’re unfamiliar with Uber’s service, you type in your destination when you need a “taxi,” the Uber map locates where you are, and once you click “pick me up,” it sends the closest driver to your location. The driver is there within minutes. It’s fantastic! If you haven’t used Uber yet, I recommend you try it soon.

Christopherson’s CEO recently wrote about an experience he had with an Uber driver and his thoughts on American free enterprise. Check it out here.

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