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Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel

New York City topped the list of most expensive US city for business travel.

As we wind up the third quarter and head into the fourth, many companies are beginning to plan their final business trips, conferences, and meetings of the year. But have you thought about which cities are the most expensive for doing business?

Skift, a travel news website, recently published an article on the 10 Most Expensive Cities for Business Travel. Using data from Concur’s annual “Expense IQ Report,” Skift reported that Brisbane, Australia was the most expensive international city for business travel, while New York City topped the list for domestic cities.

If you have the luxury of choosing the location of your meeting or business trip, you may want to consider those cities with high costs. By selecting a city with lower costs you may increase in-person attendance at your meeting and save your bottom line a lot of money. You might also get better hotel options and services.



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