BY Krista Ercin-Maurer |

Mobile Travel Possibilities

Like it or not, change is ongoing and since most of us do not like change, those that create it call it progress. But here is a change that you may like that really is progressive. Last year, 162 million smart phones were sold surpassing laptop computer sales for the first time. Smart phones can no longer be considered a trend or a convenience; in business they have become a necessity. Through the use of smart phones, users are managing their schedules, email, creating to-do lists and even paying their bills through mobile banking, so it is no surprise that travel is quickly becoming a popular mobile application. If you’re like many of our clients that employ the use of an online booking tool to make and manage your business travel, then your smart phone may be another option for managing travel. I’m not suggesting you make air, car and hotel reservations using your smart phone (although you could), but when you find yourself needing to extend your stay, smart phones are an option to change flights, re-book a hotel or car rental. You can even make dinner reservations. And not only that, there’s more. Most online booking tool companies either have their own expense reporting tool or have invested in relationships with expense reporting software providers so that many of your typical travel expenses and receipts are imported directly into an expense report before you get back into the office. Imagine this, your booking tool, your company credit card and your expense reporting tool all working together so when you travel the booking tool alerts the expense tool which then queries the credit card for charges made covering the travel dates and imports all charges into an expense report including e-receipts. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’d like to learn more, we’d like show you more so please contact Andavo or Christopherson Travel and ask about mobile travel applications