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Is Airline Wi-Fi Worth the Price?

By April 25, 2013November 7th, 20232 Comments

It seems we can’t board a flight without hearing or seeing an ad about airline Wi-Fi services. Airlines are practically climbing over each other to get the message out. “Airline A has the most planes equipped with Wi-Fi.” “Airline B has the best service.” “Airline C has the best deals to stay connected throughout your flight.”

But is it really worth the price?

I recently saw results from a survey that suggests most travelers aren’t willing to pay for the “privilege” of staying connected in the sky. Of the four thousand travelers surveyed, 84% said airline Wi-Fi should be free. While this doesn’t indicate how many travelers actually log on and pay for the service, it does tell us that the vast majority of travelers feel it’s not worth the price.

We also have to take into account the lack of power ports on aircraft. While airlines have made great strides in adding outlets and USB ports, you could still land in a seat without a way to charge your battery. So on that four-hour flight with only a two-hour battery, should you decide the cost of Wi-Fi is indeed worth it, you still may only want to purchase a thirty or sixty minute Wi-Fi pass rather than a segment or single flight pass.

Now, if you’re a traveler who just has to stay connected 24/7, then perhaps Wi-Fi may be worth the price. There’s nothing worse then sitting there, with smart phone in hand, wondering what’s in your inbox, knowing that the internet is just a click (and a credit card) away!


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